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Going to yard and garage sales is a hobby of mine.

This summer I picked up several broken figures and tried my hand at restoring them.

I didn't plan to put these on my website so I regret I don't have the "before" pictures.

I am pleased with the way they turned out.

Only the "after" pictures  are shown,  but I will give a discription on what I did to restore them. If you have a figure that has broken and has sentimental value, email me at tabemi@msn.com and maybe I can make your treasure look new again, or even better than the original! :)

                                    Don't throw out your broken figures!

                     Let me make them like new again!

                              CLICK THE PHOTO TO ENLARGE !

These little Scottie bookends had broken ears & chips on their feet.

I restored the edges on the whimsical  tray.

This 50 cents cow nows hangs high in my kitchen overlooking everything. I did a complete paper mache covering on this cow because it had so many cracks and nicks.

I added eyelashes too! :)


This little kitty had a tail and ear makeover plus a new color.


This Scottie had several chips on his feet, a broken nose and a broken ear.