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LIFE-SIZE DOGS for Home  or office Decor, Store Display,

Urns, or Just For fun!
Many years ago paper mache dogs were used in advertising.
Many of these antique paper mache dogs appear on ebay
now and then. They get high bids!
You can own your own very paper mache pet.

If you have a business, a large paper mache dog is sure to draw attention. A whole pack of them will really wow the crowd!
How about a doggie in the window? It may bring back memories for many people of a famous song ,

"How Much Is That Doggie In The Window"

Do you long to have a faithful companion in your office? What boss could object to a well mannered paper mache dog that won't make a peep or do anything
An original paper mache dog anywhere in your home would make an interesting conversation piece!

Hi, I'm Bonnie


I started doing paper mache several years ago when I was doing a lot of photography.

I needed props and paper mache was the best way to create them. I still like photography, but

paper mache is something I do more of now.

I have had a display of my paper mache at the Arlington County Library in Arlington, VA, & also a display at the Old Town Dog resort in Springfield, VA

Creating with paper has so many possibilities .!

Decorative objects, display,mannequins, urns and coin banks are all things I have created with paper.

I use heavy recycled  papers. Red Rosin is heavy paper. It is sold at Home Depot.  Kimpak is also know as Cellulose Wadding and is great for paper mache.  Bogus paper is sold at Uline and is a good strong paper. I learned about it from a 1950's  book by Lillian Johnson, who long ago  made many store displays with paper mache .

All of these heavy papers are superior to newspaper.

 I use Elmers Art Paste and Sta Flo Laundry Starch, plus Welbond, Elmers Wood Glue ,Modge Podge   Elmers Wood Putty and art plaster. . I do not use flour and water paste.I seal my work with Krylon Varnish ,JW ETC Varnish or Modge Podge.

I use quality acrylic paints. Liquitex, Golden, Createx, and JW ETC Craftsmen Blend Stains.

I take pride in my work.

Most items on this site have been sold, donated,or are mine.

I do custom orders. If you can imagine it, I may be able to create it.

Contact me at:






 If you live in Northern VA & need  dog grooming  please check out my page for NOVA residents.

I also offer pet taxi service & local errand service

Thanks for visiting. Please come back!

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